2022 Striper Tournament Leaderboard

The awards presentation will be at Belsan Bait & Tackle on Sunday, June 12 at 2:00 PM and via Zoom. Click here at 2:00 PM to join via Zoom.

See below for unofficial results.

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Please help preserve the Striped Bass Fishery for future generations to enjoy and follow the new fisheries regulations put in place to conserve Striped Bass, review the Mass Division of Marine Fisheries resources for proper angling techniques here and watch our Zoom workshop and learn how to properly catch and release a Striped Bass to reduce mortality.  Want to learn more about the Striped Bass? Read Warren Winders recent article on these amazing fish.

The proceeds from the tournament support our work to remove dams and restore fisheries habitat on the South Shore.

2022 Striper Tournament Leader (Unofficial)

Last Updated: Sunday, June 12th at 2:20 PM

Motorized Boat Angler, Adult
 Angler Number / Name Length
First Place B300C / Justin Fein 49.0 inches

Shore Angler, Adult
Angler Number / Name Length
First PlaceFishing for Striper in Massachusetts

Calcutta Fishing MA

S288 / Max Kalil



S245C / Chris Alexander

36.0 inches



33.25 inches

Fly Fishing, Shore only, All ages
Angler Number / Name Length
First PlaceFly Fishing MA F100C / Rob Archibald 33.0 inches

Motorized Boat Angler, 12 and under
Angler Number / Name Length
First PlaceKids Fishing MA BC290 / Henry Stephens 29.0  inches
Second Place

Kids fishing tournament Massachusetts

BC226 / Elliot Gardner 25.25 inches
Third Place – TieJake Beagley

BC307 / Jake Beagley



BC252 / Jackson Critchley

25.0 inches

Shore Angler, 12 and under

Angler Number / Name Length
First PlaceKids fishing tournament in MA  SC213 / Shane Long 24.75 inches
Second Placestriper tournament for youth SC202 / Bob Medico III 23.0 inches
Third Place



Motorized Boat Angler, Adult - Other Submissions
B209C / Henry Stephens / 37.5 inches

Massachusetts Fishing Tournament
B234C / Patrick Connaughton / 42.5 inches

B239C / Jack Speer / 47.5 inches


B260C / Paul Gemsheimer / 40.0 inches

DIY Solar sponsored boat
Robbie Melton and the crew of Henry Wien and Cam Barberia the DIY Solar sponsored boat

Massachusetts Fishing Event
B203C / Steve Parker / 44 inches


Motorized Boat Angler, 12 and Under - Other Submissions

Jake Beagley and Elliot Gardner
Jackson Critchley
BC226 Elliot Gardner’s 2nd catch / 25 inches
Shore Angler, Adult - Other Submissions
S278 / John Tawa / 28.5 inches
John Tawa Fishing
S278 / John Tawa / 33.5 inches

S315 / Matthew Lasnier / 26.0 inches
Fishing tournament Massachusetts
S254C  / Dan Neumann / 29.5 inches
Fishing in MA
S271C / Matt Cuqua / 28.5 inches
Fishing for Striper
S276C / Mike Shea / 26.5 inches
striper 36 inches
Great catch Max!! 36 inches


Shore Angler, 12 and Under - Other Submissions

Shane Long with a great catch!

Fly - Other Submissions
F302C / Alan Barnet / 25.0 inches
Another from Alan Barnet / 27.5 inches
Massachusetts Fly Fishing
F204 / Jim Kearns / 30.5 inches – his 3rd catch! Go Jim!
F256C / Joe Cordeiro / 19.5 inches