Join the NSRWA staff to have a socially distant beverage and chat about the citizen science still going on in our watershed. Click on the session to register.

Friday, April 24         4:00-5:00pm       Ale & Alewives 2

Friday, May 1             4:00-5:00pm       Cocktails & Crabs

Friday, May 8             4:00-5:00pm      Margaritas & Marshes 

Friday, May 15           4:00-5:00pm       Stouts & Stormwater

Friday, May 22           4:00-5:00pm      Wine & Water Quality

Ale & Alewives 2
Did you miss our first Ale & Alewives video chat? Join the NSRWA staff to have a socially distant beer and chat about the status of river herring locally. You bring the beer and cheer, we’ll bring the science and stories about this iconic little fish that plays a big role in our ocean and local river ecosystems!

Cocktails & Crabs
Join the NSRWA staff for a (socially distant) celebration of the horseshoe crabs’ return to our shores. You’ll learn about the important role these creatures play in the health of our ecosystems, and hear fun stories from our staff and volunteers about their midnight (and daylight) visits to the shoreline to collect data as the crabs arrive.

Margaritas & Marshes
And we’ll have each of them with salt, please! The salt marshes that form in the estuaries where the region’s rivers meet the sea are among the most beautiful and environmentally important features of the South Shore’s coastline. Join the NSRWA staff to learn how sea level rise is expected to affect our marshes in multiple ways, and how our Salt Marsh Sentinel project invites residents to gather basic data on the changes that are occurring right in their front or back yards.

Stouts & Stormwater
“Dark and aromatic” are ideal characteristics of a good stout beer. But, as the NSRWA staff will describe, they could also be used to describe the impact of stormwater pollution on our local waters. Learn about our efforts to make improvements through education, infrastructure maintenance, pollution control and monitoring.

Wine & Water Quality
No matter which varietal wine you enjoy, they all benefit from the quality of the water used to grow the grapes. Water quality monitoring in our watershed is no less important, and the NSRWA staff invites you to raise a glass as they describe the annual efforts to collect and analyze water samples collected in our area.