Everyone deserves clean plentiful water and free-flowing connected rivers, however, there are several challenges we face on the South Shore. In many of our towns water withdrawals reduce streamflow, stormwater pollutes our waters, dams fragment the rivers and degraded habitats impact wildlife. There is also a lack of connection to nature and the public is often disengaged and uninformed. In order to effect change we must all do our part. In 2018 we were proud to provide or support the following initiatives on the South Shore.

Citizen Science
Estuary Explorers
River Tours
Plastic Bag Bans
“We now have a core of experienced activists in every town who not only have the expertise to bring good environmental legislation forward, but also the experience and confidence that comes with having done so…
~ Ken Stone, Plymouth Plastic Bag Ban

New Full-Time Educator
New Podcasts
Digital Media Growth
Letting the Rivers Flow Movie
“We wish we saw more fish and animals.
It’s sad to see their populations decreasing…
We’re very hopeful that we can bring back
the numbers of fish.”
~ Jennifer, Anna and Lucca Ruffini

Healthy Rivers
Dam Removals
Brook Restoration
Water Quality Monitoring
Reservoir Raising Project
Vegetation Monitoring
Green Crab Study
“We are studying invasive green crabs and how we might mitigate their impact our estuaries, as well looking for potential markets for green crabs. ~ Calli Bianchi, NSRWA Intern

Rain Barrel Raffle
The Liz Boston Art Studio Teen Art Squad of Weymouth, was one of the groups that painted a rain barrel to promote water
conservation for NSRWA’s rain barrel raffle.