After watching the amazing success of NSRWA’s South Shore Striper Tournament over the last two years, we were looking for ways to keep the momentum building. Enter the new Fly Fishing Division, which has created an incredible buzz among the saltwater fly fishing community on the South Shore and on Cape Cod. The fly fishing division is a natural fit for this tournament given all of the amazing from-shore fishing opportunities the banks of the North and South Rivers and the Bay-side beaches of the Cape offer. And that’s an important rule to note—the fly fishing division is shore fishing only and you will need to show your fly reel in the photo.

Fly fishing for striped bass is a challenge, but like most challenges, the reward is worth the effort. Even schoolie-sized stripers seem bigger on a fly rod. Picking the right tide, figuring out how to cast into the wind, and choosing the fly that will best mimic the bait in the water and elicit that magical strike all combine to make saltwater fly fishing a unique and special way to enjoy the rivers and coastal shores.

If there are freshwater fly fishers out there who have been looking for the right time to make the jump to saltwater, this is a perfect opportunity. And anyone looking to gear up for the fly fishing division should visit Scott at the Bear’s Den in Taunton, one of the premier fly fishing shops in the country.

“The longer duration format of NSRWA’s tournament gives a person an opportunity to hit a range of tides, as well as fish at night, which helps bring larger fish in close to shore into fly rod range,” said Daniel Wells, Co-Founder of South Shore Fly Casters. Dan said he has also been hearing from his club members that they like the online catch photo submission format and the live leader board that NSRWA’s tournament offers.

With the new fly fishing division, that brings the total prize pool to $4,000 for the adult divisions, $1,000 for each of the following categories; Motorized Boat Angler, Shore Angler, Kayak/Paddle Powered Angler, and Fly Fishing… Read more.

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