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Iron Mine Brook Project Completed with New Walking Footbridge

Click here to see the finished project.

In November the Town of Hanover DPW removed the Iron Mine Brook culvert. Once the culvert was removed, erosion control was put in place and the stream banks were replanted with native vegetation, the trail leading to the site was cleared and concrete support pads were poured. Recently volunteers helped build a wooden footbridge over the brook to reconnect the walking trails at the site.

This project opened up 1/2 mile of stream habitat to allow for cooler water refuge for native fish, and will engage the public in understanding the need for stream restoration. The species that will benefit most from this project is Eastern Native Brook Trout – Click here for more info on this species condition in our state. The tributaries in our watershed still harbor remnant populations, but their habitat is fragmented by dams and culverts, and their habitat is further impacted by warm water temperatures created by dams. Brook trout need water cooler than 70 degrees to live in.

This project paves the way for us to assess the next steps needed for additional stream restoration in the rest of Iron Mine Brook. Thank you to the Town of Hanover DPW, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Trout Unlimited, Ivas Environmental Consulting, Cavanaro Consulting, Warren Winders and NSRWA and Trout Unlimited volunteers.

Click here to see the finished project.

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