This is the year to finally capture the free rain water from your roof to water your garden. It’s also the year to finally make free “black gold” – compost – from your kitchen scraps and yard waste, reducing your household trash by almost thirty percent.

The Greenscapes program ( at the North and South Rivers Watershed Association is selling rain barrels from the Great American Rain Barrel Company and composters from Earth Machine. They are available for pickup on Wednesday, June 1  from 3-6pm or thereafter, at the NSRWA office, 214 South Street, Norwell.

“We are pleased to be offering these simple, inexpensive and very effective products to our residents.  The rain barrel will bring down people’s water costs and protect our precious water supplies, and the composter will keep valuable waste out of our landfills, transforming it into highly-productive compost,” says Lori Wolfe, Greenscapes manager and NSRWA’s  Director of Marketing and Communications.

The rain barrels, which cost $85.00, and composters, which cost $70, must be pre-ordered by Wednesday, May 25.

To pre-order a rain barrel, please visit look for “shop local programs” in the left side bar, and find North and South Rivers Watershed Association”;  email; or call (800)251-2352.

To pre-order an Earth Machine composter, e-mail or call 781-367-0626.