Sun, sand, and beachgrass! The North and South Rivers Watershed Association partnered with the Town of Scituate and the Scituate Beach Commission to host a Beachgrass Planting Day. On a sunny and warm Saturday in November, nearly 80 South Shore area residents came and did their part for their community and beach by planting Ammophila Breviligulata, also known as American Beachgrass. This grass is native to our area and is a very important part of our coastal dune landscape. Not only does beachgrass provide essential habitat for local wildlife, its roots and rhizomes help hold the dunes together and prevent erosion. Not only that, but the tall blades of grass will actually catch wind-blown sand and deposit it at the grasses base, thus growing the dune. By nourishing and supporting our dunes, we are supporting our local environment and community. Sand dunes along our coastline are some of our best lines of defense against flooding, damaging waves, and rising sea levels. They act as a buffer between the power of the sea, and the coastal communities just beyond their crests. “That’s why events like this are so important” said NSRWA Educator Brian Taylor. “Not only is it leaving a positive impact on our local towns and communities, it is also a way for us to connect with the places that are special to us. It’s a way of giving back to a place that provides us with so much.”

A big thank you to the Scituate Beach Commission and those who came and helped plant beach grass! Another big thank you to the Town of Scituate for purchasing the grass. The NSRWA looks forward to more fun and engaging community programs like this!

Click here to see photos. Photos by Theresa Delahunt and Raymond Forbes.