For the second year in a row, the NSRWA and the North River Commissioners were forced to obtain an earmark in the state’s budget to fund the annual operations of the North River Commission, which oversees the North River Scenic Protective Order – a state law that protects the North River Scenic corridor. Clearly this is not the ideal way to fund ongoing operations of a  governmental agency but the State’s Department of Conservation and Recreation continues to exclude this small but important funding in its annual operating budget.

We are most grateful to State Senators Patrick O’Connor, Susan Moran, Micheal Brady, and Representatives Patrick Kearney, Josh Cutler, and David DeCoste for their support to get a $50,000 earmark passed in the state budget this year. The funding pays for part-time support for the North River Commission staff. The commission consists of volunteers appointed by selectpersons in each town along the river corridor. Funding supports the administration of permits for requests for work within the 300 foot North River Scenic corridor and additional patrols of the North River through the Marshfield Harbormaster’s office. Working with our legislators, we hope to be able to meet with the new DCR Commissioner, Doug Rice, to ensure more sustainable funding for this important and singular protection of the scenic North River.

Photo by Jim McIntyre.