Start the new year right – sign up to be a volunteer!

The NSRWA is dependent upon volunteers to help advocate for the health of our waters; to introduce people to the beauty and recreational opportunities along the rivers; and to educate children, families and adults about the history, ecology, wildlife and geology of the area.

We have wonderfully committed volunteers that routinely count herring and horseshoe crabs; monitor water quality and changes along docks; act as guides for kayak tours, walks and pontoon rides; assist with events; help in the office with preparing mailings, assembling swag bags, and entering and cleaning data in the database.

In addition, we are always looking for new ways to utilize volunteers and to introduce people to the vital work of the NSRWA. One way is for volunteers to bring a table and materials about current issues, activities and membership to local festivals, markets, and events. Another is to have speakers give informal talks about different aspects of the rivers and the NSRWA to groups that have regularly scheduled meetings like garden, camera and art clubs; historical societies; church groups; and Rotary Clubs.

From home, volunteers can send welcome letters with informational inserts to all newcomers to their towns. To improve the first and last impressions of the rivers for those who kayak and canoe, we would like to explore having teams take responsibility for periodic clean-up of the launches.

One of the goals of these activities is to grow NSRWA membership. This will not only provide a stream of income to support planned, extensive growth of programs; but will provide the NSRWA with added respect as an organization with broad community support when it speaks with town, state and federal agencies and with collaborators about issues involving the watershed.

If you are an active volunteer, a past volunteer or would like to begin volunteering, please click here and let us know your interests.  We look forward to hearing from you and will be back in touch.