As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we pause to think about all we are grateful for. At NSRWA we are extremely thankful to have so much support from our community. We are thankful for:

  • Our volunteers! The over 500 people who annually test our waters’ health, monitor herring and horseshoe crab populations, document salt marsh health, measure streamflow, lead hikes, fishing tournaments, kayak and canoe trips, and raise much needed funds to protect our waters.
  • Kids and nature – kids still have their sense of wonder and awe intact and remind us of our affinity for all living things.
  • Our 2017 Business sponsors support nature because they know it supports community.
  • Our board and advisory council – we said volunteers but these are Uber volunteers!
  • Our partners including teachers, town, state and federal government staff, citizen activists and other environmental nonprofits who work with us to protect our waters.
  • Past NSRWA members and activists who had the forsight to protect our rivers, open spaces and water.
  • The professional staff of the NSRWA whose passion for protecting our waters is truly motivational! Sara who is always smiling even in the mud, Gabriela the eternal optimist about fundraising, Lori who makes everything we do look good, Kate who is always thinking of new ways to engage our community, Kezia whose nature column inspires outdoor activity, Don who teaches children to love and understand nature, and Bill who makes sure our boat is safe so we can bring people closer to the rivers.
  • People like you! Those who support the NSRWA by donating, reading, sharing, and engaging in caring for our waters and the nature it supports.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!