Vote Yes for Water Conservation at Scituate Town Meeting
Monday, April 12th
7:00 pm
Scituate High School Gymnasium

Click here to access the Town Meeting documents.

We would like to urge Scituate residents to vote yes on the following articles:

Article 24 – Is a General Bylaw Amendment – Water Conservation Bylaw which consolidates, makes into law and improves existing water restrictions policies.

Article 20 – Protects a parcel of land that lies within the watershed to the First Herring Brook and the town’s reservoir on Rt 3A.

Article 30A citizen’s petition to institute Water Conservation Mandates and Rebate Program. The article requires all residential and commercial properties to have water-conserving fixtures by January 2030 and sets up a rebate program to help people make the conversion. If this article passes, it could be combined with a Water Offset Program that is currently under consideration. A Water Offset Program would require that requests for an increase in water demand would be offset 1 gallon for every 1 gallon through payment into a conservation fund. That fund would pay for the installation of conservation fixtures or other methods that would offset the increase in demand. The goal of the Water Offset Program would be to keep water demand from increasing over time.