Why I’m Running a Marathon for NSRWA

By Adam Duffy, Marshfield
“I decided to turn my upcoming marathon run on October 31st into a fundraiser for the NSRWA because you all have helped my family and I so much during this pandemic. Due to the pandemic, I made the decision to take a temporary break from D.C. and move back to Marshfield to be around family and to work from the house I grew up in — where my parents still live. One of the things that was a priority for me and my parents was to spend as much time outside as possible to alleviate some of the stress we were all feeling. When I last lived here during my high school years, I didn’t spend as much time outside, so besides the beach, I was not very familiar with outside activities that are available. Luckily, I came across your excellent website and social media posts that show the incredible opportunities we have to spend time in nature and explore the South Shore. I can honestly say we’ve used your resources to hike over 30 trails now in just about every town on the South Shore and every single one has helped us get through these hard times. My goal is to raise $1,000 to help support your important work.”

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Adam’s Marathon Run