Help Erik Simmons of Scituate protect our local waters by supporting his Giving Whales Project! We are giving away one of his amazing hand-carved whales on Earth Day! Click here to show your support! 

“I began carving during the pandemic. It seemed to fit my need to be productive while being creative at the same time. The fact that it was an “individual sport” fit the pandemic protocol. I couldn’t say for sure why I carved whales, but they obviously have an important role in our coastal New England heritage and I know I’m not alone in my fascination with them. I gave the first whale I carved to my grandson, who loves ocean creatures. My goal is to make a difference locally by raising $1,000 to protect local waters through this Giving Whales Project. Since rivers are connected to the oceans it was a natural fit to partner with the North and South Rivers Watershed Association. I hope you can help me by supporting this effort with your gift today. On Earth Day, April 22nd, we will give away one whale to a person picked randomly among those who participate in this campaign.

“I love working with my hands and worked for many years as a finish carpenter. Carving felt like a natural transition where I could get more expressive and artistic with woodworking. I often carve outside in the fresh air beside my barn, which is close to the road. Since the pandemic started, many neighbors and friends walk the street as part of their daily routine. They asked me what I was working on and looked forward to seeing the progress day to day. It was not long before passersby expressed interest in buying them. Since my whales seemed to pique some interest, I began brainstorming ways I could give them a greater purpose and a greater value. That is how the Giving Whales Project got started to raise funds for the NSRWA to protect our waters. Click here to support the Giving Whales Project to Celebrate EarthDay!

“As a photographer and longtime resident of the South Shore, the North River has always been uniquely attractive to me. It is such an awe-inspiring and important local ecosystem and I’ve been drawn to it’s ever-changing tidal and seasonal beauty. I used to sail my catboat up the mouth of the river, timing the tide to work in my favor. As concerns for the health of our environment have become more pressing, our local waters have taken on a greater importance, and my hope is that the Giving Whales Project will help make a positive contribution to protecting them.”

Thanks in advance for your support!
Erik Simmons