Scituate Elementary students plant beachgrass to help protect coastal habitat.

Fourth graders from Jenkins Elementary teamed up with the North and South Rivers Watershed Association and Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership to plant dunegrass at Scituate’s Peggotty Beach. The dunegrass was purchased with a grant from the Scituate Education Foundation. The eager students walked from their school to the beach to meet the NSRWA team. Once there, each student was given a handful of Ammophila breviligulata, also known as American Beachgrass. This species of beachgrass is native to eastern North America, and is an important part of our local coastal dune ecosystems. These dunes are our best defense against destructive waves and flooding. By planting beachgrass, the students are helping preserve and protect both the beach habitat, as well as the inland communities. Not only are these students helping protect their own community, they are also having fun while doing it! Through this act of service, the students build important knowledge of their local ecosystems, as well as gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments. The students can come back to the beach, share their stories, and show their achievements to family and friends for years to come.